Keep Your Contact Information Current

Please ensure that we have your updated contact information and that you are current with your fees and recertifications. We are unable to recommend CNSs whose credential is not current. To update your contact information, or if you have questions on the status of your CNS credential, please contact us at

Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CNS Authors New Book

Remember when everything was low fat? After a study on the effect of sugar and fat on the body, fat was labeled a toxic substance by the health industry. It’s no coincidence that the obesity epidemic began soon after. Dr. Preuss has devoted his career to studying nutrition and knows the true culprit behind high cholesterol: sugar. Read more.

Professional Development in Nutrition for MDs and DOs Seeking CNS® Eligibility

The University of Bridgeport Nutrition Institute (UBNI) is now offering a unique highly specialized program available only to MDs and DOs to enable them to integrate functional clinical nutrition into patient strategies and obtain advanced independent board certification in nutrition.

Certification Examination for Nutrition Specialists- Deadline Passed to Submit Applications for the November 2018 Exam

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Multiple US Locations

The Fall 2018 Certification Examination for Nutrition Specialists will be offered Saturday, November 10, 2018. Applications for this exam are no longer being accepted. Learn more.